Caliber Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

About Tollers

For more information on this breed, view the articles below. We will be adding to this section on a regular basis, so check back to see what's new.

"The Red Tornado" by Bud Boccone, an article on the Toller in conjunction with AKC's recognition of the breed. This article was first published in the AKC Gazette in July 2003. Please note, the article is in PDF format and make take a while to open on a slow connection.

Everyone loves Top Ten lists, well here are the Top Ten Reasons NOT to Get a Toller by Peggy O'Connell.

View the AKC Standard by which Tollers are judged in the conformation rings and responsible breeders follow when making breeding decisions.

Read Sporting judge Dr. Théo Kjellström's comments from the 2003 Backyard Classic, the last Toller specialty show licensed by the NSDTRC(USA), in an article entitled "The Littlest Retriever".

The Toller Health Coalition is probably the most comprehensive site on the Internet regarding health & genetic disease in the Toller breed. This site also houses the results of the 2002 health survey.

A listing of the first 25 AKC Champions in conformation.

The Toller Honor Roll listing of accomplished Tollers in the field.

Living with the High Prey Drive Dog - an article in the Dog Owner's Guide that describes how some dogs just aren't couch potatoes.