Caliber Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers

About Us

Caliber Tollers is a small hobby kennel located in Saint Peters, Missouri. The term "kennel" is used loosely as our dogs are also our pets and live in the home with us. We have been involved in Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers since 1999 when our first Toller was purchased from Sagewood Kennel. What attracted us to this breed was their size, their intelligence, and their energetic zeal for life. Being a Sporting Breed, they have for centuries been bred to work with humans and also be good family companions. We appreciate that these dogs are still capable of doing their ancestral job, and we strive to retain the instincts and qualities that make a good tolling and hunting retriever.

Our goal is to produce dogs with correct temperaments, good health, a strong desire to work, and sound structure. We participate in several competitive venues with our dogs including hunt tests, obedience and conformation. Thankfully, the Toller has not yet suffered from the breed split that plagues the more common retrievers, like Labradors and Goldens. We are strongly opposed to any form of split in the breed and make every effort to produce a well-rounded dog that can hunt in the field all day and earn ribbons in the breed ring the next.

It is our belief that as Tollers are bred to be working dogs they will prosper the most in a home where their talents will be utilized. We understand that not every person hunts or wishes to participate in competitive events with their pets. However, we will give preference when placing our puppies to active families and/or individuals that show an interest in the canine sports. We are not the type of "elitist breeder" that will only sell pups to show or working homes. Instead, we want to pair our puppies with the right owners for them. Energetic young Tollers need "a job". This may be in the form of agility, obedience or retriever training, or it may be a family of 4 boys and countless games of fetch at the lake. We are very concerned about the welfare of all puppies we produce and want to see them live long, happy and fruitful lives.

If you feel you may be just the right home for one of our Toller puppies, please contact us via email at mail (at)

Latisha Hancy
Caliber Tollers